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Patchnotes 2.7.8 [Maintenance 11.10.2021]

Maintenance 10.11.2021
Game version is now 2.7.8


  • Added custom outfits.


  • Decrease the number of monsters from shadow tower first floor


  • Mount Wayne and Pet Little Wolf had 0 duration instead of 30 days and 2 days.
  • When you tried to sell some items at the NPC for 500kk, it said that you will receive 0 Yang
  • Fixed the mission from Battlepass to craft 5 Dragon Coins
  • Fixed the mission from Battlepass to use Fish Soup
  • Changed the final battlepass reward to Battlepass Voucher(November). It still was the Battlepass Voucher(October)
  • Dark Sorcerer and Bloody Demon costumes were not visible on Warrior F
  • Fixed the aspect of the Stone of Stolen Treasure and Stone of Lost Souls
  • Fixed Water Energy Mission on Hungarian language.
  • The Worldboss battlepass mission is counted even if you do not make damage in odegon, just by being in the map when the boss is killed.