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New updates and new channel

Update 24.06.2019 (Patch 1.5.7)

 Server maintenance scheduled at 9 AM date 24.06.2019 - Patch 1.5.7 Changes: Raised the item drop rate from bosses in Malivore dungeon. Legendary Costume(PvP) bonuses were changed to 8% skill damage, 8% resistance to skill damage, 8% resistance to average damage. The number of Energy Fragments needed to craft the Energy Cristal was raised to 200. Bugfixes: Fixed a problem with the Malivore mission from the Battlepass. The empty window that...

Update 18.06.2019 (Patch 1.5.6)

 Server maintenance scheduled at 6 PM date 18.06.2019 - Patch 1.5.6 Changes: STR/INT/DEX/VIT bonuses from the Legendary Earrings (sapphire/emerald etc) were changed to Strong vs. Half-Humans. If you change bonus on these earrings you will be able to get the Strong vs. Half Humans again like you are able to get the max. PV bonus on armors. Modified the Oceanus weapon skin texture. Bugfixes: When you fail the Demon Tower on the last room by destroying...

Update 17.06.2019 (Patch 1.5.5)

 Server maintenance scheduled at 15:15 PM date 17.06.2019 - Patch 1.5.5 Changes: You will receive 25 Ancient Coins when trading costume to Chen. In the past you were receiving between 5 and 25 Coins. Also, now you can sell these costumes to any NPC for 2kkk Yang. Made some improvements to the server optimisation. Decreased the fragments neede to craft the Boss Scrolls to half their original count. Bugfixes: You can't create Energy...