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Update 1 July(Patch 2.0.7)

 Server Maintenance 01.07.2020 - Patch 2.0.7 Changes: Added at the download page on the website how to fix the issues since last update with the DLLs: Changed the Duel system: Added the Equipment option to see the equipment of all players: Bugfixes: The names of Bosses and Metin Stones and the Offline Shops were black. Fixed Day/Night option. Fixed unusable horse skills. Fixed the metin stones that were no longer...

Update 25/06/2020 [PATCH 2.0.6]

 Server Maintenance 25.06.2020 - Patch 2.0.6 New: - Added 500kk Ingot to the Brutan's Metinstones drop and 100kk Ingot to the Bahamus's Metinstones drop. - Added a game optimization option in the Game Options window, we are going to add it to Config as well. There are 4 options: Disable optimization because it consumes more RAM, normally when you encounter a Character, Mob, NPC, Pet or Mount the model is loaded on the spot and stays in memory for a while, when the...

Update 18/06/2020 [PATCH 2.0.5]

 Server Maintenance 18.06.2020 - Patch 2.0.5 New: Added the a new summer look for the main towns of each kingdom. Added a new VIP chest, the Dark Pirate. Added new Limited Offers. Changes: Changed the icons of the sun/moon daggers. Removed some useless items from the tanaka chest. Bugfixes: Fixed the Duratus mount. Fixed the Hefaistos sanctuary. Fixed a typo on the mission V of the summer pass. Fixed a...

Summer Event - The mystery of Rodnia

                  Summer Event: Summer is on its way, therefore this season’s event is also making its presence felt. Take part in the adventure that is about to be discovered. Mystic lands, monsters and and bosses are waiting to be downed and also to offer proper rewards. Duration of the event: 15.06.2020 - 30.08.2020 The layout of the main maps has now got a Summer...

Update 11/06/2020 [PATCH 2.0.4]

Server Maintenance 11.06.2020 - Patch 2.0.4 Bugfixes: Fixed some errors from the game's log. Fixed this wrong text from the Cosmic Dragon's dungeon: Fixed this wrong text: If you accessed the alchemist and closed the window with ESC, you could no longer open it, you had to relog to access it again VIDEO HERE A fix for the visual bug in PvP that throws you on your back, now when you are caught in the visual you can attack. If...