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Update 4 Aug(Patch 2.1.4)

 Server Maintenance 4.08.2020 - Patch 2.1.4 Changes: The ”Word Event” replies will work only in the shout chat. We added a chest at all low level bosses. Removed the blessing marble from the moonlight chest. Bugfixes: Fixed the guild icons. Dance 7 was not working on warrior F. New: Added the customized costumes. Added the August Battlepass. Final reward: Mount Brabus (permanent) Bonuses: Strong vs All...

Update 28 July(Patch 2.1.3)

 Server Maintenance 28.07.2020 - Patch 2.1.3 Changes: Added effects in preview items, in order for the preview effects to work you must not have hidden effects. CLICK HERE Changed the drop of Nephrite's chest. Windows animation were fixed. Bugfixes: Fixed the error that caused two shop extension buttons to appear. Fixed the errors from the extension of the shop. The textures of the NewLegends V costume have been...

Update 14 July(Patch 2.1.0)

 Server Maintenance 14.07.2020 - Patch 2.1.0 Changes: Slightly lowered the attack speed to see now how PvP behaves visually. Removed Race Change Ring from Nephrite's Chest and added it to Crafting at Chen. Removed the Protein Biscuits from the drop and added to Crafting at Chen. All upgrade items from the General Store are now in stacks of 10. Changed the coordinates of the General Store in V3. We modified the client so that after 5...

Update 8 July(Patch 2.0.9)

 Server Maintenance 08.07.2020 - Patch 2.0.9 Changes: Added cooldown for equipping/unequipping wings. You can use the scroll wheel Search Offline Shop. Bugfixes: The icons for the Effect/Bonus Ticket were broken. Made some changes to avoid the visual bug in which you saw a player next to you (or elsewhere), and it was in another place. Fixed the bug that suddenly closed your game when opening Tactical Duel window. Fixed the Big Map...

Update 4 July(Patch 2.0.8)

 Server Maintenance 04.07.2020 - Patch 2.0.8 Changes: Removed the Heuk-Yeong NPC from all maps. Removed three useless items from the world boss items and added instead 200x, 150x, 50x WorldBoss Emblem. Added the Antique and Relic weapon skins to Chen's shop for 1000 Ancient Coins. Added a general store in V3. Raised the time of the dragon god buffs from chen to 30 days and doubled the amount of items needed to craft them. Lowered...