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Patch 1.4.8

Server maintenance 14.05.2019 - Patch 1.4.8 New: New item: Treasury Chest -> it contains yang ingots and drops at all mobs, metins and bosses. Added Easter Hero Costume and Hat.. The new antihack protection is finalized, but needs testing on our test server. We are looking for people that want to help us test. You will be rewarded with Dragon Coins for your help. The new website is finalized and will be active starting with 00:00. Vote4Buff - quest ingame, if you...

Patch 1.4.7

Server maintenance 11.05.2019 - Patch 1.4.7 Eliminations Removed the Easter category from the Events button. Changes Map1 texture is back to normal. Metin Stone skins are back to normal. Mobs from the Enchanted Forest are eliminated. Added more Metin Stones in the Enchanted Forest. Respawn time of Metin Stones from Enchanted Forest was reduced to 60s. Buffed the 5% physical/magical attack bonus on the Legendary Accesories to 15% The Bonus of the Advanced...

Update, Tester Recruitment and Giveaway

Wizzard Costume and 5K DMG