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Update 16 Sept (Patch 2.1.9)

Patch 2.1.9  English Changes: Changed Discord RPC interface. Improved the character window Improved rejoin dungeon so you can save yourself if you get stuck in certain places. Bugfixes: Minimap shops makrs appeared on maps other than map1. Fixed the problems with guild marks. Although you had space in the special inventory (U key), when you wanted to do an exchange with items whose place is there, if you did not have enough...



Dear Rodnians,
Until 30 September we will have for limited offers the next items:
  • Ice Myhic Weapon Skins and Fire & Ice Pheonix Wings

Dragi Rodnieni,
Până pe 30 Septembrie vom avea la oferte limitate următoarele obiecte:
  • Skin-urile de armă Gheaţă Mitică şi Aripi Phoenix de Fox şi Gheaţă
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Update 2 Sept (Patch 2.1.8)

Patch 2.1.8 Changes: The Azrael Chest and the lvl 112 mission Chest's drop were changed. Removed the Teleporter NPC from map1. Lowered the cooldown for summoning pets from 10 seconds to 3 seconds. The ninja invisibility/camouflage skill duration was lowered to 15 seconds and it's cooldown was raised to 70 seconds. Removed the 4 Ore Veins from the desert. The Nemere/Razador pets duration is now 7 days. The Hunter Accesories...

Update 19 August(Patch 2.1.5)

 Server Maintenance 19.08.2020 - Patch 2.1.5 Changes: For mount/unmount the cooldown was reduced to 2 seconds. The game is not running on virtual machines anymore. Bugfixes: Removed the glow from Brabus Mount to solve to problem with the invisibility of the model. Solved a problem about the time left display at the Cosmic Dragon dungeon. Solved some small errors from the client's log. New: Added customized items. At the...

ItemShop Offers August

 Dear Rodnians,

Until 31 August we will have for limited offers the next items:

  • Light and Dark WeaponSkins Set


 Dragi Rodnieni,

Până pe 31 August vom avea la oferte limitate următoarele obiecte:

  • Seturile de Skin-uri de armă ale Luminii şi Întunericului


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