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New updates and new channel

Update 09.07.2019 (Patch 1.5.9)

 Server maintenance scheduled at 06:00 AM date 09.07.2019 - Patch 1.5.9 Bugfixes: Fixed wrong text format in chat when the client language is set to English. New: Added the customized costumes and hairstyles + the guild costumes for the winners of the Guild Tournament. Added the July Battlepass + the items related to it. For those who had the battlepass from June enabled, it has been reset. Battlepass Missions July 1. Invoker...

Update 07.07.2019 (Patch 1.5.8)

 Server maintenance scheduled at 9:30 AM date 07.07.2019 - Patch 1.5.8 Changes: The Moonlight Chest's drop has been improved. Added the informative quiz in the game "Vote4Buff" related to the fact that you need 2 Dragon Chips to activate it. We made a few changes to optimize the game, also disabled the modules that we did not use that caused the game to run slower. Bugfixes: You couldn't see the preview model of the new Costumized...

Update 24.06.2019 (Patch 1.5.7)

 Server maintenance scheduled at 9 AM date 24.06.2019 - Patch 1.5.7 Changes: Raised the item drop rate from bosses in Malivore dungeon. Legendary Costume(PvP) bonuses were changed to 8% skill damage, 8% resistance to skill damage, 8% resistance to average damage. The number of Energy Fragments needed to craft the Energy Cristal was raised to 200. Bugfixes: Fixed a problem with the Malivore mission from the Battlepass. The empty window that...