A new challenge and a new help for Hydra after the fights against the brave warriors of Rodnia’s Realm.
He brings up his evil forces and summons Nautilus, the Master of the Seas and the Oceans, known for his aggressiveness and talent in fight. It represents a new challenge for the true warriors.

Find out how to reinforce your items and gain more strenth!
Complete new missions to get awesome rewards!
Become the one who stands above all living creatures.

Nautilus's Cave

The Nautilus's Cave can now be conquered!
The guardian that will take you inside the Nautilus's Cave is located
in the Fire Dragon Island, to the right of the map’s entrance, on the docks..

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New Boss

Only the leader of the group can access the entry request with the help of the Nautilus Pass
It’s a dungeon-style map, which has 2 floors. To move from one floor to another, you must accomplish a number of challenges.
It can be entered with a group or solo.
The limit level of the dungeon is 115.

In case you leave the dungeon, either by disconnect, or by restart, you have 5 minutes to rejoin it.

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New items

You can craft new items at the NPC Nautilus's Cave Guardian.
Go to him and open the Nautic Forge!
These items are very valuable in PvM also in PvP!
The Forge awaits your arrival!

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Boss - Nautilus's Cave Boss - Nautilus's Cave Boss - Nautilus's Cave Boss - Nautilus's Cave Boss - Nautilus's Cave Boss - Nautilus's Cave Boss - Nautilus's Cave

  • Nautilus Costume
  • Nautilus Costume
  • Nautilus Costume
  • Nautilus Costume

Costume Set

The costumes, crowns and weapons of the warriors from the sea who managed to defeat Nautilus
The Lord of Seas and Oceans!
The elements that are used in this set will cover you from any attack!
Rumors are spreading that these sets could be forged with items from Nautilus!
Slain the mighty Nautilus and become The Sea Lord!

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  • Reinforce Warrior
  • Reinforce Sura
  • Reinforce Assassin
  • Reinforce HP
  • Reinforce Defence
  • Reinforce Attack


We introduced a new weapon and armor upgrade system by adding a new bonus to them.
You can only use reinforcement on weapons and armors.
There are 6 types of reinforcement for the weapon and 5 types of reinforcement for the armor. Reinforcements are scrolls and each scroll offers a predefined bonus.

Once you have reinforced the weapon or armor, the bonus received will only last 24 hours.
If you increase the reinforcement, the time will be restored to 24 hours. If you upgrade the item, the reinforcement will remain, it will not be reset.
If you have reached the maximum reinforcement of +3 you can use another reinforcement scroll of the same bonus type to restore the time to 24 days so you won't need to start over.
If you want to remove the bonus without waiting, you will need to craft Reinforce Removal at NPC Nautilus's Cave Guardian from Fire Dragon's Island.

Complete the quests given by Nautilus Scroll Quest which is craftable at NPC Nautilus's Cave Guardian and you can get a Weapon or Armor Reinforcement Chest as a reward.
Defeat Nautilus, and it will drop Weapon or Armor Reinforcement Chest. From these you can randomly get one of the 11 reinforcements

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Nautilus's Cave!