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What is a custom costume?

You can buy tickets from ITEM-SHOP to create a custom costume with 3 different bonuses at your choice from the list below.

The custom costume is PERMANENT and TRADEABLE in-game.

There are 2 types of tickets: Custom Costume and Custom Costume(S).
The difference is that if you have Custom Costume(S) you can create a costume after special models(the ones from Limited Offers).

You can take one model from the list and talk to our designer to make the aspect as you wish, but there are some rules:

→ You can only edit and create your own custom look based on allowed models. Other models will not be accepted.
→ If you have a custom costume ticket, you must give it to a GM in the game, he will invite you to a discord server where you will follow the creation steps.
→ You are not allowed to copy a custom costume look owned by another person.
→ After adding the custom costume to the game, you can not make other changes, only if there is a problem.
→ The custom costume name must be the same as the character name for which you are doing it.

Available bonuses for custom costume

Bonuses: Value
Casting speed+20%
Chance of Critical Hit+8%
Chance of Piercing Hit+8%
Half Human+8%
Strong against Bosses +20%
Strong against Metin Stones +20%
Strong against Monsters +20%
Strong against All(PvM) +20%
Chance to Block physical attacks+8%
Sword Defence +8%
Two-Handed Defence +8%
Dagger Defence +8%
Bell Defence +8%
Fan Defence +8%
Arrow Resistance +8%
Wind Resistance +8%
Chance to reflect physical attacks +8%
Attack Value +80
Average Damage +8%
Skill Damage +8%
Average Damage Resistance +8%
Skill Damage Resistance +8%
Half Human Resistance +8%